Paperless Event Tickets

Electronic tickets are ideal for Club and School Fundraisers, Debs, Discos, BBQ's and Annual Gala Nights.

E Tickets

Electronic tickets are an environmentally friendly event ticketing solution that will allow event attendees to gain access with their smart phones. No need to print tickets and collect cash. Simply share an event using social media and allow patrons to buy tickets on line. Ticket sales and guest lists can be tracked live using our free CHECKIN AP.

The Benifets

No Queues or Cash
No more hassle collecting cash and cheques and arraging collection and delivery of tickets. Payment will made on line.

Transactions will be managed by using Stripe Payments. All funds will be transferred at the end of each week prior to the event.

Tickets Distribution
Tickets will be emailed to the attendees. They can save them on their Smart Phone or if they prefer they can also print them.

Sales and Visitor Tracking

Event organisers can use our free Ap to verify and validate tickets using the unique QR code on the visitor’s smart phone or if the visitor prefers a print out.
The App can also be used to track tickets sales, view guest lists and track guests as they check in.

The CHECKIN AP is available  on all devices

It couldn’t be easier to use.

Simply provide your team with your event log in details and they can use any device to check tickets and admit visitors.


E-Tickets handling fees are €0.75c per ticket sold. This fee is added during checkout and is paid by the visitor.

*There is a Stripe transaction fee of 1.4% (for European Cards) plus and additional €0.25c per transaction.

It only takes a few miniutes to create an event.

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